YUP, 100% FREE

Current website not working?

Many people and businesses invest a lot of money into their website, only to then find out that they chose a poor developer, and that their website won't rank on search engines, won't engage their customers, and are simply costing them upkeep fee's for no actual gain.

It pains me to see this happen, and that's why I have decided that I am now offering a 100% free, no nonsense, no hidden cost website review.  Simply head over to my contact page and send me a message with the subject of "Website Review".  Here is what I will look for and comment on:

  • Have you got enough content? Is the content feature rich and engaging, and will it rank well on Google and other search engines?
  • Is your design eye catching, or is it driving your customers away?
  • What technical errors are there, does everything load?
  • How fast is your website really?
  • SEO - is it there? Is it effective?
  • Is your site responsive?

Ok great, but why should I choose you?

  • I can test on mobile, tablets, laptops, and desktops.
  • I can test on trackpads, mice, keyboards and touch screen computers.
  • I can test on Windows, Mac and Linux.
  • I can test on Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer, Edge, Vivaldi and Maxthon 5 browsers.
  • It's free, there is nothing to lose.